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ADV Inspiration

This past weekend I attended Adventure Days at Zakar hosted by Rawhyde Adventures. WHAT A BLAST!

This was only the second rally I have attended but I have to say it was my favorite by far. I’ll be honest, I didn’t put a ton of miles on the bike but it was about something different this time. I went for a few rides and had a good time on the bike but I spent every moment I wasn’t on the bike talking to people (which is a big deal for an introvert such as myself) and hearing their stories. I attended a few of the clinics and learned some very useful skills and then I met Aida and Paul……what a treat.

I was introduced to them in a presentation they gave about their round-the-world trip. I was a minute late so I had to duck down and find a seat and was immediately called out by Aida….”Where the hell you been?!?!” ……that was the perfect introduction. I was then treated to 2 hours of stories from these guys. They are both from New York and have the attitude to prove it….most of the presentation was R rated. But they were the coolest, most down to earth people I’ve met in a long time. The point they try to make with their presentation is that life is sometimes better experienced without a plan. Sometimes we are so concerned with getting somewhere on time, simply because that’s what we had planned, that we miss opportunities along the way. I was able to spend more time talking to them privately throughout the weekend and I even had an hour long conversation with Paul about the misconceptions we all have about Central and South America. Ill never be able to put into words the things I learned from them….It was exactly what I needed right now.

I highly suggest you go check out their website and social media to get a taste of what they are like and if you ever get the chance to meet them in person DO IT!

The rally was such a jumble of events…..not much point explaining everything that happened so I’ll just put up my favorite pictures. But first I have to share an experience. I got to save someone other than myself with my tool kit! It’s always fun when that happens. I was riding through town heading back from a quick off road ride and I passed a group of people heading out to where I just was. One block later a guy in moto gear jumped out in to the road to flag me down. Turns out his big fancy BRAND NEW BMW was broken. His rear caliper had locked up so his rear wheel would not turn….no idea how it happened, he pulled up to a stop sign and then couldn’t get going again. The group he was with didn’t notice he needed help and left him in the dust. I pulled off his rear caliper (which is no easy task when its locked up and the wheel is still on) and tied it to his frame so he could get back to camp. In a way I’m glad I got the chance to use my tools because it pointed out that my tool kit was lacking a couple tools and highlighted a serious need for a better bag to keep things organized. Once his bike was rideable again we both headed back to camp and hung out for a while and swapped stories. It was unfortunate that he had a break down but it was a good chance for a genuine experience and I’m glad I was able to help. Ok on to the pictures!

It’s a good thing I planned to drive cause I woke up to snow.
Unfortunately it was snowing outside of Vegas and the highway was closed for 5 hours.
Google maps had the brilliant idea to re route me which ended up being a dirt road covered in a foot of snow….I headed back to Vegas to wait.
I ended up at this gigantic gas station. it had 100 pumps and the store was massive…..a small Costco full of gas station food.
This is just the CANDY section.
Finally got moving and made it to Zakar in the dark.
I’m still not sure.
The event was also open to camper vans. I want to build one of those!

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