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I may not take great pictures but I promise to provide cool projects.

Bill the pony

The motorcycle is merely a tool. The destination and the events along the way are what create the memories. This story begins March 16th 2020… so many others. Mosko Moto was finally hosting a bike night in Salt Lake City.… Read More »Bill the pony


SSRT just got a new headquarters and you should be excited about that. This will mean more off season content in the form of builds and projects. It also means I will be able to broaden the scope of my… Read More »Headquarters

Steering Stabilized

While I was riding around in the desert a couple weeks ago I started thinking about my steering stabilizer. My steering has felt kind loose and wobbly since putting the dirt tires on and it’s been bothering me. The first… Read More »Steering Stabilized

New Projects

Well hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to catch up on the Alaska trip. Now something new! First project….. I expanded my Garage by about 30 square feet. I know that doesn’t seem like much but it was so… Read More »New Projects


Its been over a week since the paint went on the engine… had to sit for a few days to let the paint cure before I could install it. I went ahead and carefully installed the stainless fasteners and then… Read More »IT’S ALIVE!!!!

The Final Countdown

We are on the home stretch now boys! And girls! I got the engine reassembled last week and I just finished up paint about 20 minutes ago. As you can see in a couple pictures the engine case I replaced… Read More »The Final Countdown

Back On Track

You know what’s not fun? Strep throat……strep is not fun. We had family come visit and they brought their 4 kids one of which was sick and the combination of their 4 germ factories and our 2 we all got… Read More »Back On Track