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Some Sort of Road Trip rides again. I may not write well but I promise to provide cool pictures.

Bill the pony

The motorcycle is merely a tool. The destination and the events along the way are what create the memories. This story begins March 16th 2020… so many others. Mosko Moto was finally hosting a bike night in Salt Lake City.… Read More »Bill the pony

Day 26: home

457 miles today. Jasper to home. With a small detour to Banff.  The morning started out exciting right as I unzipped the tent. As I stood up and looked around the sleepy early morning campground I realized I was about… Read More »Day 26: home

Day 23: almost done

275 miles today. Whitehorse to Watson lake.  So I’ve got to back up for just a minute, I wrote yesterdays post kind of early and right after posting I got a bunch of neighbors. There was an older guy on… Read More »Day 23: almost done

Day 22: fire

403 miles today. Tok to Whitehorse.  The morning started off strong with a truck fire on the side of the highway. I pulled up right as firefighters got there and the truck was already in pretty bad shape. I’d bet… Read More »Day 22: fire

Day 21: smoke

328 miles today. Anchorage to Tok.  I’ve been sitting here for way too long trying to come up with stuff to write about today but there just wasn’t anything worth noting. An hour or so outside Anchorage it started getting… Read More »Day 21: smoke

Day 20: tires

Well today was an unplanned day off. Late yesterday I noticed that my rear tire was cracking. It was really weird. The tire had tons of tread left and would have easily made it home…..if it wasn’t for the deep… Read More »Day 20: tires