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Clap for Alaska 2020….I mean 2022

Holy crap its happening! The planning started in 2018 and the original trip was supposed to be 2020 but now, finally, its happening.

The bike is packed and the route is loaded into the GPS. Day 1 is Thursday June 9th.

On a fun side note, I was given some sweet toys from Uberleben to take with me on my trip. We’ll see how they hold up on such a long trip but so far they look like they’ll be great.

And just like last time, I’ll have a satellite communicator with me tracking my progress and posting to a map. You can follow along in real time and send me messages using this link

Send me a message……I’m bound to get bored and lonely at some point.

I don’t have much else to say about it really…..I’ve been planning for 4 years…..I’m tired of talking about it….I want to ride.

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