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Clap For Alaska

Well ladies and gents…..the day is fast approaching. The trip is planned….the panniers are packed…..the tent is seam sealed and waterproofed. This trip has been almost a year in the making and it’s just 3 days from starting.
There have been many many things that have happened over this past winter in preparation but it’s all really boring and not worth going over again so just imagine lots of really cool cut scenes of me working on a motorcycle and sitting in front of a computer until 1 in the morning. Really though the time has come to finally start talking about the trip and showing off a bit…so let’s do that.
First……the basic plan. We started out planning with four people but now it’s just me and Enrique.  More details of the plan will come with each days update along the way.
On Tuesday May 27th we are going to trailer our bikes from my house in Salt Lake City to my dad’s house in Bonners Ferry Idaho. We decided to do a trailer because it is a 13-14 hour trip and would easily mean 2 days on motorcycles. So by trailering we can rotate drivers and just do it in one day. And it’s all places I can see any time and the trip is about motorcycling to Alaska…not northern Utah to Idaho.
Next day we will leave my dad’s house and head for Jasper Alberta which is 394 miles.
Next we will start the longest day of the trip…..531 miles to the south end of the Cassiar highway through Prince George.
Then up the Cassiar highway to Watson Lake. 462 miles
Next over to Whitehorse to enjoy the end of a short riding day. 287 miles
Then we cross back into the US into Alaska…at which point I WILL pull over and clap for Alaska…..then back on the road headed to Tok and Thompsons Eagle Claw for the night. 385 miles
Then another short day (shortest actually) to Fairbanks and talk about how it’s the northernmost point of the trip…..insert it’s all downhill from here comment. 202 miles
Then down to Anchorage past Denali. Depending on the weather we will stop and check out Denali….if not we will just take a few cloudy pictures and keep moving. 359 miles
Then back to Tok and stay at Thompsons again and change my oil. 318 miles
And last day of riding up north….head down to Haines and be ready catch the ferry on Monday evening. 438 miles.
Once we get on the ferry it’s a 3 day ride to Bellingham Washington.
On Friday the 13th we get off the ferry at 8am and will start the trek back to my dad’s house. But we may split it up over two days. 460 miles.
Then drive home on Sunday June 15th
You may notice that I didn’t list any specific dates other than the start….we have 3 days to spend how ever we want….We just have to leave Anchorage by Saturday morning to be in Haines by Monday…other than that we are just going to see where the extra days end up.
Now to finish up….some pictures of my bike.
Well that’s it for now…..I’m not sure when I will be able to update along the way but I will keep a log and update when I can.
P.S. I’ve got a satellite messenger that will be tracking me the whole way. It will be posted to a map that is available online. Feel free to check on me and send a message if you like….I’m sure I’ll need the encouragement.

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