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Day 13: the (actual) top of the world

256 miles today. Coldfoot to Deadhorse. 

Almost all of it was on dirt. It was amazingly beautiful and one of the hardest days on a bike I’ve ever had. I can’t believe I’m saying this but….I can’t wait to get back to Fairbanks. I’m freaking tired. 

I had a hard time sleeping last “night”. I failed to think about the fact that sleeping in a tent when the sun is up 24 hours a day would be uh….hot. It was a real rough night. I gave up and got up super early and hit the road. 

Due to the road requiring 150% of my attention I didn’t get a lot of great pictures and I didn’t stop a lot either. I just wanted to get through. And to top it off, the last 90 miles treated me to a constant and BRUTAL crosswind. 90 miles of a constant push to the right. My neck is wrecked. I’m here now and going to enjoy some sleep. 

That last part sounded like I’m not excited to be here. I am definitely excited…..just so very tired

Here’s the video

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