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Day 16: chill

Today I just did whatever I wanted. It was dope. 

I started off with some oatmeal while I talked to my neighbor. She’s from here but just starting a trip up to Dawson City to see some friends. She was packing up to leave so we didn’t get to talk for long. 

Then I hopped on the bike and rode in to the park as far as you can go, which isn’t far. There’s a gate a few miles in that only tour busses can go through so the only way to see the rest of the 60ish miles of the road is by bus. I briefly considered paying the 30 bucks to get on a bus and go in further but I decided I wanted to be more free than that today. And I’ve already seen so many incredible things in the last 16 days…..I might explode if I see one more breathtaking view. On my way back out of the park I stopped at the visitors center and nerded out for a while again. There were so many things I wanted to take pictures of in there but there were also so many people that it was impossible to get any pictures. O well. I enjoyed the things I learned and hopefully I’ll be able to remember without the pictures. 

Then I came back to camp for a 20 minute nap in my hammock just cause I could.  

After my Powernap I went to the store and got some things to make for dinner the next few nights. 

Then I went to some of the shops in the touristy part of “town”. I did buy the coolest little knife in one of the shops……don’t tell my wife. 

While I was in town I ran into a couple familiar faces. I’ve been going the same route as this couple for about 8 days now and we have consistently been running in to each other. Sometimes just for a minute at a gas station and sometimes at the same place for a meal or to stay the night. We’ve spent a fair amount of time together now and have gotten to know each other. We even went to the Arctic Ocean together. They are from Australia and riding 2up on their Africa Twin all across the US and Canada. The bike has stickers from all over the world. they are taking a different route now and heading back towards Canada so I’m really glad i randomly ran into them one last time. We just parted ways for the last time. Peace out Australian couple, you genuinely were a highlight of my trip.

Then I came back to camp to make dinner and do whatever the eff I wanted for the rest of the evening. 

Here’s todays super lazy video filled with garbage. Today was not about pictures and doing rad things….it was about doing…things, rad or otherwise. 

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