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Day 18: tunnel vision

250 miles today. Homer to Anchorage but with a small detour. 

The day started out cold and cloudy and I thought I was in for a rainy day. Luckily, once I got past Soldotna the clouds were gone and I had another day of sunshine. 

The views today were exactly what I picture when I think about Alaska. Larger than life with glaciers and snow on the mountains even in June while sitting on the sea shore. And it was ALL day. 

I took the opportunity to go check out Portage glacier and the town of Whittier. Portage glacier was just another beautiful mountain with a glacier on it towering over a ridiculously beautiful glacial lake….more of the usual. But visiting Whittier requires a trip through a tunnel. And not just any tunnel. A one lane tunnel. Traffic switches direction every half hour. And the tunnel has a metal floor and train tracks down the middle. Motorcycles have to ride between the tracks which is about 4ish feet. Getting too close to the track will pull your tire into the gap and almost certainly cause a crash. O yeah and the tunnel is 2.5 miles long. Perfectly. Straight. It was kinda tough but mostly fun.

While I was in Whittier I went around and saw the sights and got some food. I thought about how I’m at yet another dead end. First dead end was at Deadhorse, then Denali, then Anchor point (the western most drivable point in North America and completely left out of yesterdays post cause I’m a dumb dumb), then Homer, and now Whittier. All dead ends.

And there really isn’t much else I can say. The beauty of today was far beyond my writing skills. This will be one of those days I remember most from the trip. Too much for words and too beautiful for my photography skills….it’s best preserved in my mind. 

Here’s the video

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