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Day 22: fire

403 miles today. Tok to Whitehorse. 

The morning started off strong with a truck fire on the side of the highway. I pulled up right as firefighters got there and the truck was already in pretty bad shape. I’d bet by the time they got all their gear out and put water on it the truck was probably a goner. I don’t have any pictures of it but I did get video. It’s in todays video at the bottom of this page. 

Other than the fire the only other excitement was the friggin road. Holy crap. The road was in really really bad shape. I didn’t even try to get pictures or video of it cause I was too busy trying to swerve around all the potholes and giant frost heaves. There were a few that could easily have caused a motorcycle to crash. And a few snuck up on me and caused some damage to my rims I’m sure. The road was so much worse than the last time I was up here. I actually started getting upset. But then I realized that getting upset over a road while on a motorcycle trip is pretty ridiculous. Once I got past the bad part of the road it was smooth sailing and awesome views…..and a tiny bit of rain, cause Canada. 

I’m camping at the same place I did a couple weeks ago when I was here. This place is going to be very popular in a year or two once they are established and the word gets out about them. I love motorcycle campgrounds. 

Here’s todays video. 

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