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Day 24: Cassiar highway

493 miles today. Watson lake to New Hazelton. 

Today was a lot of miles on a slow road. And man it was hot! Awesome views though. It started out with dense trees and plants right up to the road and slowly thinned out and the trees got a little shorter so I could see better. The whole road was awesome though. 

Started the morning by fighting off mosquitoes while packing up. They were so bad! Luckily my hammock has a bug net on it and it kept them off me all night. When I woke up there were literally hundreds of the little jerkfaces perched on the outside of the bug net just waiting for me. It was not fun getting dressed. 

I didn’t stop much today just cause I knew I had a lot of ground to cover. My first fuel stop was in Dease Lake and then it was the longest stretch between fuel at 189 miles. Last time I was here that was a big deal….had to make sure the fuel was tippy top topped off so we could make it……this time? No problem. My bike has a ridiculous 8 gallon tank so it didn’t even care. To be honest it kind of took some fun out of the day. It’s too easy. 

I was actually thinking today that this bike is almost too nice. It’s far too easy to just cruise 100-200 miles away without much issue. And when you’re cruising like that you miss so much. 

I remember stopping every 50 miles or so just cause we kind of had to before. Yeah it made the days SO long but I kind of think it was better.

I spent most of the morning worrying about my fuel gauge. For some reason the fuel range part of my display was just blank. I wasn’t worried about fuel but I was trying to figure out what could go wrong to cause that. You know what would have been a lot easier? No fuel gauge. Use the trip meter and have fun. It’s more exciting. And speaking of trip meters, for some reason my trip 2 meter decided to reset yesterday. I was using that one to track the mileage of the whole trip. It was exactly 100 miles less than my trip 1 meter when I checked it this morning. I have no idea how that happens but I don’t like it. Luckily my gps also has a trip meter so at least I’ve got that still. Anyway. I kind of spent the day thinking that a simpler bike might not be so bad. 
Tomorrow is another long day and its across some pretty boring terrain. Time for bed.

Here’s the video. 

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