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Day 25: one last camp

527 miles today. New Hazelton to Jasper. 

So I’m going to go ahead and take a big ol bite of my own words here today. “O boohoo! Poor me, my motorcycle is too nice!” Well it’s days like today that make it shine! There is just not much to see along highway 16. And it’s all high speed wide road. Cruisin. All day. I stopped ONE time today. Mostly cause there was nothing to see but also cause I just didn’t need to. Seat heater on and tunes turned up. I was comfortable and rockin out. Once I was about 100 miles from Jasper things started to look interesting again…..and then my helmet GoPro died🙄. I still got a couple shots with the 360 camera. Ugh pictures wont upload watch the video

Now I’m at Whistlers campground for what will likely be my last night on the road. Got camp setup and now I’m heating up one last can of chili. I had planned to go down to Banff tomorrow and camp there for a night or two but I just checked the weather and there’s a big storm moving in tomorrow morning and I don’t really want to camp in the rain and I won’t be able to see all the sights if it’s cloudy anyway. I’m very fortunate to live so close to all of this now so I’ll be back before the end of summer. 

Last thing I’ll say is that I’m looking forward to the sun going down again. Sleeping in a tent is hard when it’s bright most of the night. 

heres todays video

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