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Day 3: Banff

We spent the day in Banff today. Not only did we get to explore an awesome place but we also didn’t get rained on once!

We started the day out with a fuel stop and as we went to leave marks bike would not start. After we messed around with it for a while we figured out that the starter relay was bad. Knowing that there was no hope of finding a replacement part we push started his bike and hoped for the best. It has been starting fine since then but it’s really easy to push start a bike so even if it happens again we should be good.
First thing we did was walk around the main strip and try out some gift shops. We managed to do that until lunch and after we finished eating we went for a ride on a gondola. It was kind of funny having three ski resort employees so excited to pay to ride a chairlift…..we can do this for free anytime we want and yet here we are paying to do it and not even skiing down!
Here are the pictures
After we finished the gondola ride we went down to the river you can see in the pictures from up on top of the mountain.
Then we took a quick ride to a ski resort Ben found on the map. The road dead ended at the vehicle shop and we talked with the guys there for a few minutes.
We saw some wild Canadian snowcats!
Now we are headed to Canmore to have dinner and see what else we can find.

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