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Day 4: blue skies

328 miles to Fort Nelson today

Like I said yesterday, this is new territory for me so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought it might be a little less interesting to look at……That was true. I was treated to excellent temps and blue skies all day so I’m certainly not going to complain.  I took a tiny detour to ride on the old Alaska Highway for just a couple miles. 

Other than that the day was really uneventful so I tried a few new camera angles and I even stopped and flew the drone for a few minutes. O and I saw a few bears.

I ended up in Fort Nelson way earlier than I was expecting to. I think cause of the long straight stretches today. I very seriously considered pushing through to Watson lake but I’m already going to have to burn a day somewhere and that would put me in whitehorse 2 days early. I don’t really want to arrive to Dawson City a day or two early and wait for everyone else to show up…..its expensive there. And I figured it would be nice to have a whole afternoon to do whatever I wanted…..not that there is much of anything to see in Fort Nelson. Thats all for now.

Here’s todays video. 

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