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Day 4: Grandma Trudy

Due to weather we changed our route today. We decided to take a very short drive up to lake Louise and camp there for the night and wait for a storm to pass so we could have nice weather in Jasper.

We sure are glad we did! We got to spend a bunch of time up at Moraine lake and more importantly it gave us time to hang out around camp and meet our neighbors and hear their stories. The camp ground had a few buildings that were setup with a wood stove and benches where people can relax and get warm. Naturally it was raining again so everyone took refuge in the community room. We met a guy who was from Michigan and was riding his motorcycle to Alaska and then heading south to Brazil. We met a couple from Germany who flew over to New York and have been hitch hiking since. We met another couple from Ecuador who drove their old junky car north until it broke down and then they sold it and hitch hiked. We met a lot of other people that didn’t speak English very well so I didn’t quite follow their story too well. And most importantly we met Grandma Trudy! She is a retired widow who decided that she was too young to get old so she loaded her dog in the car and started driving. Her dogs name is tundra and he is just about the fluffiest thing ever. She is from Edmonton and she still goes back home to check in on her house and her grandkids but for the most part she is just exploring her country. She fell in love with us. We stayed up past midnight listening to her stories from a very interesting life and we shared a few of our own stories. She was very disappointed to learn that I was married but she promised to not hold it against me.
It was just an awesome night.
Now pictures.
Ben is going to quit his job and pursue a modeling career
And finally I wanted to share some signs I saw today….
I assume this one means no riding a bike uphill….and I can totally get behind that
And I have no idea what this one is trying to tell me

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