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Day 6: big kid pants and warm gloves

Well the day started out real early. I was up at 5 and on the road by 6. The place I stayed in last night was just awful. I could not wait to get out of there. I won’t bother getting in to why the place was awful but just know that leaving asap was 100% necessary. 

It was only 270 miles to whitehorse and the gps said I would arrive at 10. So I figured I’d take my time and stop as much as I wanted and take lots of pictures. Well the weather had other plans for me. It rained all day. It’s just kind of difficult, logistically, to stop and take pictures and relax when it’s raining. The biggest problem is gloves when your hands are wet. Getting wet hands back into gloves is not fun so I tend to avoid taking my gloves off in the rain which means no pictures. I stopped twice and didn’t take any pictures off the bike. Here’s a few from the ride. 

And here’s todays video. There’s a place called Teslin that has a loooong metal grate bridge. You can see it for a few seconds in the video. Those bridges are not fun to cross. The metal grate grabs your tires and pulls you back and forth sideways and it’s really unsettling. For whatever reason the Teslin bridge was particularly grabby and I’m pretty sure I pee’d a little. 

I found a cool place to camp for a couple nights cause tomorrow is a day off. I’ll be hanging around all day doing whatever I want. After a couple hours the camp started filling up and I had a bunch of neighbors. There were 11 bikes in there last night! now it’s just me.

I know I’ve mentioned it already but I just wanted to reiterate the importance of not trying to fight the weather. Wishing it would warm up or stop raining will not do anything for you and will only make you bummed out about what is not instead of being present and enjoying what is. Yeah it rained all day and I was real cold. But it made for some great pictures and I still had a good time. Put on the big kid pants and warm gloves. 

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