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Day 6: Glaciers

We originally planned to spend a whole day in Jasper and do some things. But this dang weather just won’t cooperate. Everything we wanted to do involved seeing the mountains but they were buried in the clouds. Then it started snowing again. So we decided to head south and get away from the storm.

This time it worked quite nicely……but we deffinately had to earn the sunshine.
We made our first stop at Athabasca falls. It was very pretty.

When we hit the road again it started snowing even harder than yesterday. It never stuck to the road but it got a little scary at times. I really wish the camera could pick up the snow because it was way more interesting than the picture shows.

Our next stop was Athabasca Glacier. I’m so glad we stopped here. It was incredibly cold and the wind was blowing hard enough that I could lean in to it and it held me up. But it was worth it.
I guess they drive busses on the glacier…..
Our last official stop was bow lake.
Once we got down out of the mountains we finally got sunshine! We made it to Golden and found a campsite. This place is on my top 5 list of campsites now. I set up my hammock and had a very good night of sleep.
These next pictures are right around our campsite.
And here are a few random pictures from the day

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