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Day 7: South

Today was the last leg of the trip. We went from Golden back down to Idaho.

We took our time breaking down camp and getting breakfast. We really didn’t want to leave such a pretty campsite. Our view was amazing!
Once we couldn’t come up with anymore reasons to not leave yet we had to go. The ride started out very nice. It was sunny most of the day. The views were not as spectacular the farther south we went but it was still pretty. Then it started raining. It poured on us for 150 miles….we were wet and frozen and unhappy. We didn’t stop for anything….we just wanted to get to my dads house and dry off.
We were served some nice hot chili for dinner and everyone is better now.
This trip was not as much an epic adventure like going to Alaska but it was so much fun to spend time looking at these amazing places. It was a different kind of trip. Less time riding and much more time observing. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.
Update 7/30/18
Its been a long time since this trip but I just noticed that I forgot to add some videos my brother edited for us after we got home. They are too cool….I couldn’t leave them out. And please excuse the spelling errors…..he may be a rising star in the film making industry today but way back when he did these he was just a dumb high school kid.

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