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Day 8: construction

357 miles today. Whitehorse to Dawson City. 

Today was filled with huge wide open sky and construction. The day was spent in almost complete isolation too. I can’t believe how far Dawson City is from…anything. There was a lot of construction going on along this highway. When you come up to construction that you have to wait for a pilot car motorcycles are instructed to go to the front of the line. I think it’s to keep them from having to eat everyones dust going through the construction but I don’t know for sure. Because bikes go to the front it means we end up in big groups and it looks like a gang is coming through. At one point I was rolling with a group of 11 bikes…..out in the middle of absolute nowhere. For the most part the construction sites were pretty easy to get through. but the last one had been over watered by the water truck and it was really sloppy and rutted. One person fell over and caused a traffic jam right in the heart of the construction zone. I managed to make it through without falling but barely. Of course I didn’t get any video of it though….I was too scared to move my hands to hit record. Tomorrow is another day off for D2D.

Im staying at the hotel where D2D is based out of so I have a whole lot of biker neighbors to meet. Tomorrow though.

and there are many many more than just these

I’m far enough north now that doesn’t get all the way dark anymore.


And last but not least, todays video

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