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Day eight…..Fairbanks with a new friend!

Today we woke up at the crack of 9 and packed up. Dennis was headed to Fairbanks so we all traveled together. The ride was our shortest…202 miles….and of course it rained again but just for the morning. The ride was really boring actually…..the trees are getting shorter and more grass is growing. We kept joking that this just looks like California. We stopped in delta junction and had lunch at buffalo center drive in….and they had a Ronald McDonald……weird.

We did stop at North Pole and see the year-round Christmas magic……it made me sick. If you don’t know……there is a town not far from Fairbanks called North Pole and they decorate for Christmas every day……here is a plaque on a piece of cement to give you all the details.

And here is a giant Santa to get you in the Christmas spirit

The closer we got to Fairbanks the hotter it got…..and I mean HOT! By the time we got there I was about to pass out….I had way too many layers on……it was 80 degrees! Fairbanks was kind of boring……just another city. We were having more fun riding out on the highway. We tried finding a campground but everything was far away or right in town off the side of the freeway. Tempers were starting to boil from the heat and chaos of being in a city and we finally just gave up and pulled in to a hotel. Split three ways worked out pretty good.

Once we settled in and got cleaned up we walked down the road to dinner at Alaska Salmon Bake…..o my goodness…..I thought I was in heaven. All you can eat salmon, prime rib, and cod plus all the normal fixins. For 30 bucks! It was great! I would have taken a picture but nothing stayed on my plate long enough. The walk back to the hotel was a lot longer than I remember it being on the way there.

Then we hung out for a bit and went to sleep…….Dennis is officially the loudest snorer in the history of ever.

Tomorrow Denali and Anchorage!

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