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Day eleven……windy but worth it!

Today we did a little day ride from Anchorage to Seward and back…250 miles

The first 50-60 miles were right along the bay and it was extremely windy……I hated it. But the views were enough to keep us moving…..ocean, mountains, and glaciers off in the distance. And the road was pretty fun too.

Once we made the turn at the end of the bay the road cut in to the mountains and the wind died off and it was much more enjoyable. The ride took us through the middle of the Kenai peninsula and it was very pretty…..lots of leafy trees and tall mountains and a twisty road.

The highway doesn’t go all the way to the end of the peninsula….that’s on the other side of the mountains to Homer…..but it ends in a neat little town called Seward. Seward is right on the water and the ferries and cruise ships stop there so it’s very touristy but it was still neat. We ate some VERY GOOD halibut at Chinook….but it cost a fortune and the portions were way too small for the price. After we ate we walked the main street….more gift shops! Then we went down to the water for a few pictures and I picked up a few shells (they’re all for you Rod!). And from there we went to the alaska sealife center. That place was really fun! I got to touch an anemone  and a star fish and a sea cucumber……I felt like a five year old. “I touched it and it moved!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!”

Here’s some random pictures of our day

I’m going to pretend that the thing on the right is a water slide to the ship….

Our ride back was just as pretty as the ride there.

We just got back from dinner…..we decided to go big tonight…..I just ate calamari, a pound of Alaskan king crab legs, AND a lobster tail….I think I’m gonna die. I’ve never spent that much at a resturaunt…but hey….I’m on vacation.

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