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Day fifteen…..ferries are pretty cool actually

The first thing I’ve noticed about the ferry is that the food is not nearly as expensive as people said it would be. It’s actually the cheapest food that didn’t come from a gas station I’ve eaten on the whole trip. And it’s really good too! There isn’t as much to do as on a cruise ship but there is a theater and a bar/restaurant as well as the cafeteria.

Mostly the day is going to be spent walking around taking pictures. Just this morning I’ve seen an orca and whole bunch of humpback whales. And last night I saw two dolphins. Of course I haven’t gotten any pictures……it happens so fast there isn’t enough time to zoom in and set up a picture. O well.

So this just happened

Me: what’s the difference between a river and a crik?

Enrique: if you listen closely to a crik you can hear it whispering…..hey yall

That one made for a good laugh. Now we are getting off in Sitka for a few hours.

Turns out we’re not getting off in Sitka for a few hours. Another ferry took way too long in the port and we had to sit there circling while we waited….for two hours. So it took up all the time we would have had to spend in Sitka…….o well maybe next time. This is as far as we were able to go…..

Also we saw this in the parking lot…….
How old was this person? I’m surprised it doesn’t say no doggy poopies
The rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching the occasional whale.
There was a whole tree full of these…..appearantly the coast gaurd thought it would be funny. It was hilarious watching all the giant-camera-carrying old guys run outside as the captain announced that this strange flock of flamingos had migrated here for some strange reason…..while they were out snapping pictures with their $2000 cameras they missed the captain say….just kidding. Then when they all came back in they were showing off their great shots they took……and slowly realizing that they were plastic birds…….I loved it. I didn’t even get out of my chair and took the picture through the window…..I’m not putting any more effort in to taking wildlife pictures.
And lastly…….I wanted to see if I could zoom in on the moon…..
No zoom

Yes….yes I can take a picture of the moon.


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