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Day five……a bit better

A night of sleep certainly helped with our moods and we felt refreshed. Went back in to watson lake and hung my sign in the signpost Forrest. That was a neat place! Basically it all started back when the alaska highway was being built. A homesick soldier hung a sign with the distance to his hometown…..and then other people did… there are thousands of them…..and one really awesome one from Salt Lake City!





Yaaay! I carried that stupid thing all the way from Utah on the back of my bike just to nail it to a piece of wood! Wish I had brought a Solitude sticker for it……how funny would it be if I came back years from now and someone had tagged it with a Brighton sticker?!

The ride from Watson lake to Whitehorse really wasn’t that amazing…..lots of trees and a few bears. We did however meet some more people today. Lots of people in cars that though we were cool/crazy and a few other bikers. Two of them are on the same route as us and are in the same camp ground right now. We hung out with them after dinner. They are just a couple guys that met along the way on their separate trips and decided to hang out! Tonight is their last night as a team though…..but we are all going to anchorage so we will probably meet up again.

Our camp


Our new buddies!

Then we went for a walk around our campground and found a walking path. It went to a bridge….weird….another bridge. And then a dam.


Annnnd….a seagull eating his fresh kill…

Not much else to speak of today… here….ate food. Now were camping. Tomorrow is a day off and we are going to either take a train ride or a boat ride……

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