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Day fourteen…..waiting….and waiting

Today was probably the most boring day of the whole trip. We had to wait around until 6:00pm before we could check in to the ferry.

We hung around our hotel until the very last second before we HAD to check out….so that got us to noon. Then we went to Main Street to walk around. Had some lunch and bought some fudge at a gift shop. Then we realized that “Main Street” was only one block long and we needed to come up with something else to do.

Someone told us about Chilkoot Lake and that it was near the ferry terminal. We went out there and spent as much time as we could but eventually the mosquitos were too much. That was a beautiful place though! It was just a few miles up the valley that is the bay the ferry comes in. And the lake empties into the bay. Here are some pictures

We made one last trip back to town and fueled up and decided to head to the ferry… was only 5:00 but we didn’t know what else to do. We got there and checked in and were surprisingly not the first people there. But we did get to go to the front of the line cause bikes go on first. So there we sat…and waited some more.

BUT! While we waited a bald eagle landed on a lamp post near us and just sat there for almost an hour and posed for me… I took a ton of pictures.

Then our ferry showed up! Yaaaay!

So it turns out that motorcycles dot NOT get on the ferry first…….and also it takes a very long time to load a ferry… was 7:30 before we finally loaded. O well…..were here now. We strapped our bikes down and headed up to claim a spot. Then I went outside and snapped these…..

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