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Day nine…..sunshine! And a mountain

We wanted to be able to take our time today so we woke up at 5:30 and got out by 6:30. We said bye to Dennis and wished him luck on his trip to prudhoe bay.

The ride from Fairbanks to Denali was really fun. Nice big turns and a smooth road. Well it was smooth most of the way…..then the construction started. We had three long sections of dirt construction roads but after that we had smooth roads to Denali.
Stopped at a pizza place outside Denali and got the best pizza that’s ever been made. We went in the park to the visitors center but I wasn’t about to pay the money and take up a whole day to go see a mountain… time I will fly here and do the tours…..this is a motorcycle trip! That being said…..I did stop and get some pictures today.
Saw a bald eagle hunting while we were stopped!
Then after Denali it was just few short construction filled miles to anchorage. We picked out a home for the next three nights and moved in. We just got back from dinner…..more sushi! It was amazing you guys….like no joke….it was just amazing. I’ve never eaten that much sushi in one sitting.

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