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Day seven…..yay…rain again

Well we left Whitehorse around 6:00 this morning and headed towards Tok. It was already raining when we woke up so we just bundled up and went for it.


The rain didn’t look like it was ever going to stop. We stopped at a gas station about 20 miles before Haines junction and a lady there told us that we were headed towards snow at the “summit”. She said if it was snowing at the summit it would be snowing in beaver creek which was about 200 miles away so it could be pretty bad. We decided to go for it and see what would happen.

We rode….and rode….and rode. And eventually we got into sunshine…….then we got to beaver creek……hm I guess it didn’t snow….wait! “Do you remember going over any kind of summit?” “Nope”…..I swear the lady was just trying to get us to stay at her camp ground…..nothing she said was accurate but she was really pushing the bad weather at the “summit”. And there is only one road….I don’t know….it was funny.

A couple hours later….WE MADE IT TO ALASKA!!!! And we stopped and clapped! Then we did the border crossing and had to get used to miles again…..I miss kilometers now.


Yeah my face is smooshed…..what’s it to ya?

The rest of the drive was pretty much the same old stuff. The trees are getting shorter the closer we get to Fairbanks.

Got to Tok and pulled in to Thompsons Eagle Claw campground and claimed the 4 person bunkhouse.  We decided to go get some dinner at Fast Eddys. Good choice! When we got back from dinner guess who was right across from us in the camp? Dennis from Whitehorse! He had gone a different route the other day and happened to be in Tok at the same campground….crazy. So we all hung around the fire showing off our gadgets and gear till it was bed time. Tomorrow Fairbanks!



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