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Day six….a day off

Today was spent just hangin out in Whitehorse. I’m glad for the chance to relax and stand up but I’m ready to ride tomorrow.

We woke up a bit late today in our campsite. I froze my butt off and had to wake up and cover up with whatever I could find in my tent. When I woke up all the way I was under a motorcycle gear pile. I was woken up to the sound of Enrique taking pictures.
“What are you doing?”
“Taking a picture of this fox next to your tent.”
“Oh…..wait what?!”

After we got camp broken down we hoped on our bikes and went in to town to find a hotel. We wanted a hotel cause we were planning on being gone all day and didn’t want the bikes sitting in a parking lot with all our luggage.

We found a nice cheap one with secured underground parking and came up to settle in and do laundry. After that we headed out for a walk and made our first stop the museum across the street. It was a neat place but nothing too amazing.

Then we walked down the main road in town towards the S.S. Klondike and took a tour of that. It was a paddle wheel boat used to take people and supplies up the Yukon river to Dawson from 1937 to 1950. We took a few pictures but I can’t get them off Enrique’s phones so heres on from google…..

After the Klondike we walked around looking for lunch……it turns out that resturaunts open late here cause the sun is out so late……we couldn’t find anything other than subway so that’s what we got.

But……three things about subway in Canada….
1 they don’t have pepper jack cheese
2 the foot long costs $11.45
3 they don’t call it the .304meterlong

Then we relaxed till dinner. We just got back from a sushi place…..I’ve never had tha much sushi for so cheap! And it was great! Now it’s bedtime. But first one last picture.

It’s 10:00PM!!!! And it will be this bright till after midnight……

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