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Day three……rain rain go away.

Left Jasper at 7:30 this morning. It rained for most of the morning then we got some wonderful sunshine and decided to stop for fuel and some food. Got back on the road and made it about 40 miles in the glorious sunshine then it started raining again. Just a few pictures… gopro battery died and we were too busy getting rained on to stop and take pictures the old fashioned way.

We got to Prince George around 11:30 and ate at a pita resturaunt……it was not the ideal food for someone wearing motorcycle gear……I made a huge mess. Also it made me remember that I think pittas make a terrible replacement for bread…..they are impossible.

Back on the road for some beautiful scenery….not one picture…..didn’t want to stop. It’s amazing how close the highway is to some massive mountains…..they just pop up out of no where like they don’t belong in the valley we are driving through.

Had dinner at a pizza joint. I had lasagne…..I’m quite full. Good night!

Ps I added a couple pictures to yesterday’s post.

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