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Day two….what’s a kilometer?

Left my dads house today and crossed in to canada. The border control place was very laid back. They forgot to ask me all the questions and just sent me right on through behind Enrique. Then we got to spend a good while trying to figure out how fast we were allowed to go……kilometers are hard. I would like to say now that Canada might be able to accomplish more if they raised the speed limits. We were on roads today that would be 80mph back home that were 70-100 kph…….that’s a max of 62mph…….it’s was agonizing at times.

From the border we went up hwy 93 to radium hot springs. And turned towards Banff. I didn’t realize that we would be going through a park for the next half of the day. We stopped and paid our toll and it proceeded to rain for the next few hours. We got to see a bear already! A momma and two cubs were on the side of the road just inside the park and we had to stop while the ranger stood and looked at them……then they finally moved and we were allowed to keep riding……it was weird.

We made it to lake Louise and were soaking wet but had just outrun the storm so we stopped and had some food and hot chocolate. I really wanted a picture of the lake but I really wanted to not ride in that storm more so we kept moving……maybe next time.

The ice field highway was just plain beautiful……only snapped a few pictures but here ya go…

Then it was just a few hours to Jasper. Just had some food and were staying in the Athabasca hotel for the night.

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