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SSRT just got a new headquarters and you should be excited about that.

This will mean more off season content in the form of builds and projects. It also means I will be able to broaden the scope of my projects and try some new things.

The new headquarters is a 660 square foot 2 story facility. Joking aside….its a garage in my backyard. The down stairs work space is 20×20 and the upstairs is 13×20. The workspace is big enough for 2 motorcycle lifts and plenty of benches and toolboxes. The building has a barn style roof so the upstairs has this weird triangle shaped space on each side that I am going to fill with shelving and the rest of the room is a creative/think space….I dream of it being a studio type area some day. The construction process took far longer than it was supposed to thanks to poor planning on the part of the contractor. They didn’t account for the height of the building and how it would interfere with powerlines….duuur. Thanks to the delay I’m almost 2 months late moving in so I haven’t had much time to figure out how I want things to work yet.

Heres a couple pictures of the build process

foundation prep
Foundation in
The first, and what was supposed to be the only, build day.
And this is how it sat for over a month because of the powerline problem.
And then construction finally started again
Enrique and Jessi came to visit so we decided to cheat and break in the garage before it was finished.
And finally, after three additional days of construction, it was done!

It’s amazing how fast the garage went up after they came back to finish, the rafters were up and all the siding was done in one day. Then it took them three more days of working on it off and on with a skeleton crew to finish the roof and install the door. The next day I started pulling wire.

Now all thats left to do is rent a skid steer to clean up and fix the landscaping, build the stairs, run power to it, finish wiring the building, insulate it, put up the wall boards, hang lights, and move in……..I might get to use the thing next summer.

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