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On The Road Again

Today I headed up north to Dubois Wyoming to meet Jason.

I left home at 6am and made it here at 2pm……not bad for 400 miles. I came up through Jackson and went by Grand Teton and Yellowstone but we go into the parks tomorrow. The ride was great…lots of sunshine and great views. Tomorrow we are going to Yellowstone. I’ve never seen Ol’ Faithful so that should be pretty cool!


We took some time to walk around Dubois and ended up in an artists shop. He makes incredible pieces with antlers and furs. We hung out in his shop for quite a while and learned his process and heard some great stories. Thats my favorite thing about trips….taking the time to meet people and hear their stories.

Then we went to dinner. I got a beautiful piece of ribeye that the waitress recommended I try seared…she said its the chefs favorite way to cook it and he gets a kick out of people trying their steak seared for the first time……well I got a kick out of it too! Seared means that the steak is cooked for a short amount of time on each side on an incredibly hot griddle and the inside is still basically raw…….I was skeptical but I’m glad I tried it! BEST-STEAK-EVER! Also hugest steak ever..I would describe it as an irresponsible amount of meat….I couldn’t finish it even though I really really wanted to.

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