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Overnighter In The Mountains

After the stress of putting the KLR back together I wanted to get away for a day. I took the new bike for a little tour of north eastern Utah.


I left my house and went up Big Cottonwood canyon and over Guardsman Pass down into Midway. From there I went through Heber and over Hwy 32 to Kamas. I stopped in Kamas for a quick gas station lunch.

While I sat on my bike and ate a school bus pulled in and at least 10,000 high school kids got off the bus and went in the store. I had three kids come up to me at separate times and tell me they liked my bike and ask questions about where I ride and how long I had been traveling……I’ve been to some really cool places on bikes and met tons of people along the way but I’ve never once had people as interested in my bike as these kids. I just figured kids like motorcycles and its nothing to get big headed about. But I had 4 other instances of this the next day! And this time they were all adults! One person actually waved me down in a parking lot to tell me he loved my bike… clearly it was not just the kids and I can safely get big headed about it now.

Then I headed up Mirror Lake Hwy. I rode about 40 miles and then turned on to a dirt road towards Whitney reservoir. I was really nervous about riding on the dirt with this monster but it handled it just fine. I put the bike into off road mode and everything went smooth. I was actually surprised at how well balanced the bike was. The ride was great and very pretty. I tried my best to get pictures while riding but I haven’t quite got the gopro setup properly on the new bike yet so most of the pictures taken with the gopro were junk.

I made it to a campsite around 4pm. I just brought a hammock so I didn’t have much setting up to do. I took a walk and gathered firewood and then took a little nap. I was woken up by the sound of sheep bleating. I slowly started to notice that the bleating was getting closer and more frequent. I could see some sheep through the trees so I walked out to the road to get a better look. There were sheep slowly coming up over a hill pretty far away….hundreds of them. The bleating was so frequent and loud now that it was more of a low groaning sound. It honestly looked like a herd of walkers coming towards me in search of brains. I know that sheep herding is a thing in the Uintahs but I’ve never seen it in person before. So many sheep! I figured they were just moving through and would be gone soon. I was wrong. They decided to set up camp right next to me…….Sheep bleating and yelling all night long. Easily the worst night of sleep I’ve ever had while camping. O well…makes for a funny story.


The next morning I packed up and headed to Evanston Wyoming and then back towards home down Emigration Canyon. What a pretty ride! Here’s a random jumble of pictures…..I apologize for the disorganized pictures this time……still trying to figure out cameras on the new bike.

And here are a couple videos.
Yeah another cheesy iphone made video…..I’m playing around with these more cause I have an idea for when I’m on bigger trips.

I found this log that already had my initials carved into it so I claimed it as mine and dragged it by the fire pit for a chair. Didn’t even have to get the knife out!

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