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Pacific Coast Highway

Last September Jason and I took a PCH trip. Ive wanted to ride CA hwy 1 for a very long time so when he called and half jokingly suggested we do the ride I jumped at the opportunity!

First I rode from North Idaho to Lodi CA to meet Jason at his house. I took two days to get there and took boring highways to get there as fast as possible. Not the most amazing scenery. The overall plan was to go as far south as was reasonable and then head back north on highway 1 all the way to Oregon.

I sort of…hit myself with a hammer right before leaving on this trip. this was what it looked like after the first day of riding.
I got rain the second day. I was absolutely soaked….to the underwear-boots full of water-gloves bleeding dye onto my skin-soaked. I’ll have to change up my gear before doing Alaska again

I stayed at Jason’s house for the night and the next day we were officially on the ride. We went from his house south to Santa Cruz for the first day.

After a night in Santa Cruz we continued south to San Simeon. Then we turned around and headed north. Honestly, the days kind of bleed together in my mind now and I’m having trouble keeping track while sorting through the pictures. All I know for sure is that we had a ton of fun. Also I finally feel like I have my camera set up figured out after this trip. Everything worked and was very low maintenance, which is what I need. If the cameras are too hard to use I find myself skipping them and missing bunch of shots but with them setup the way they are now its so easy and I end up taking more pictures than I need.

Buckle up cause you’re about to get hit with the longest picture dump I’ve ever done…….

Over. Loaded.

O my gosh there’s so many pictures to go still! I should have done posts for each day like normal……anyway back to it!


I had almost forgotten about all the fog. I have so many pictures that were no good cause of fog. and the fog must carry the salt from the ocean too cause everything was constantly coated in a salt film even when the sun was out….hence all the blurry pictures. It took forever to get all my stuff clean after getting home.

I don’t remember exactly where we were at this point but it had been about 4 days and it was time to part ways. Jason headed back home and I continued north. Highway 1 makes a hard right turn away from the coast and meet up with 101 in the redwoods. By lunch time I was riding among the redwoods on the Avenue of The Giants. I finally got to ride a bike in the redwoods! I ended my day in Eureka.

It was pretty much just driving home at this point. I was all the way at the top California and planned to get back over to the coast in Oregon on highway 1 again. But an unfortunately timed rockslide had other plans for me. Highway 1 was closed so I decided to blast up to Portland and then back home. It was just a bunch of highway so there weren’t any amazing pictures. For my last picture I present to you my new wall art that was “purchased from a yard sale”

While I was on the trip I did a quick video at the end of each day. Ill put those in order below.
the route. 2537 miles. 7 days

Aaaand we’ll finish up with Jim getting a bath. Like I said….everything was covered in a thin layer of crystalized salt.

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