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Mail-in Carburetor Rebuild


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Send your carburetor in for a professional rebuild. After a complete disassembly and evaluation, your carburetor body will be vapor-blasted. Next, the body and all internal components will take a dip in the super-heated ultrasonic cleaner. Then your carburetor will be expertly reassembled, (with any bad parts being replaced) packaged back up, and sent home. Your carb will come back looking like a million bucks! You will receive an inline fuel filter with your returned carburetor. It is highly recommended that you use the fuel filter to prevent carb issues from dirty fuel. The average turnaround time is 2 days after receiving.


This price is for ONE carburetor. If you have a multi-carb bike, you must order one for each carburetor.

Price includes return shipping.

Price does not include any parts.


THIS IS NOT A TUNING SERVICE. We cannot make any jetting/tuning changes to your carburetor on a mail-in service. Your carburetor will be returned with the same settings it was sent in with.

Please note that multi-carbs cannot be synced on mail-in service.



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