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Tour Towels

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Durable single-use towels in a compact package-perfect for travel

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Tour Towels are just one of those things that are great to have tucked away in your luggage or stashed on your bike. The compressed towel tablets take up very little space and when you need one it’s really nice to have. Each tube comes with 8 compressed Tour Towels inside. The super rugged storage tube is waterproof so your towels won’t expand until you want them to. Each towel is roughly 11 inches by 11 inches and is a tough material (even reusable a couple of times). Just add a few drops of water to a single tablet and the towel will expand. Use them to clean your hands, take a campers shower, or wipe off your bike. Our favorite use is soaking with hot water and using it to melt the bugs off helmet visors and windscreens…just let it sit for a minute or two and gently wipe the bugs away.



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