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Sena 30k Unboxing

Well…..Turns out the Sena SF4 sucks. I probably shouldn’t have taken a chance on it with out any reviews to read first but its too late to worry about it now.

I decided to bite the bullet and go with the big kid model. I convinced Enrique to split a double pack with me so we could save some money. I found a great deal on Amazon which actually brought the price to $220 each…..thats only $20 more than the stupid SF4!

So far this unit is much better and works like I need it to. Ill be back with a review in a few weeks.

I like doing these video unboxings and reviews….so….thats what I’m gonna keep doing.

1 thought on “Sena 30k Unboxing”

  1. So, you did end up switching to Cardo. Would you please compare Cardo packtalk with Sena 30k/50s. And also another review, if possible, of Sena entry level intercom (10s/SF4) with Cardo Spirit HD/ Freecom 2+.

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