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Steering Stabilized

While I was riding around in the desert a couple weeks ago I started thinking about my steering stabilizer. My steering has felt kind loose and wobbly since putting the dirt tires on and it’s been bothering me. The first thing I thought of was to replace the stabilizer with an aftermarket unit so I searched for some when I got back to WiFi……after picking my jaw up off the floor I accepted that that was not in the budget right now and I would have to try to improve the stock stabilizer.

I figured I could make the steering a little better by putting heavier oil in the stabilizer so I went searching for instructions on how to tear it apart. I found that the internet agrees that 20 weight fork oil is the best replacement for the stock oil and I also found a video on how to take the stabilizer apart. Upon removing the stabilizer I discovered that it was leaking….awesome. I ordered new seals and took it apart.

I decided to try something different for this project because I enjoy teaching people how to do things and it’s much easier to do with video so I made a video explaining how to disassemble, replace the seals, fill, and reassemble the stabilizer. I tried my best to look as professional as possible so hopefully people will find it useful.

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