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SW Motech Micro EVO quick-lock tank bag

So this purchase actually starts with my KTM branded tank bag. The bag may have KTM stamped into the side but it was actually made by SW Motech and utilizes their EVO quick-lock system. There is a kit sold by SW Motech that adds an electrical connection to the quick-lock connector. I have wanted to add this to my KTM bag since I bought it but they want $155 for the dang thing!!!

Enter the Micro tank bag. The bag is available in electric and non-electric versions for $200 and $100 respectively. So I figured why not buy the electric version and install the electric mount on my KTM bag. I’ve been wanting to get a small tank bag for everyday use so this way I would get the electric kit for $150 and the small tank bag for just $50.

Well my plan worked just fine. Here are the videos for the overview and install.

The bottom line: I love the bag and the electric conversion

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