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The Final Countdown

We are on the home stretch now boys! And girls!

I got the engine reassembled last week and I just finished up paint about 20 minutes ago. As you can see in a couple pictures the engine case I replaced does not match so I wanted to paint the whole engine a nice semi gloss black to help fit in with the color scheme of the bike. The process wasn’t terrible but cleaning the engine and masking off all the little ports and fittings was time consuming. its all painted up now and looks great! its a little glossier than I was hoping for but it will have to work.

Here are a few pictures of assembly. During the reassembly I replaced every bearing (except for the crank bearings cause the left one is part of the crank and I didnt want to replace one side and not the other), installed the big bore kit, replaced the one engine case half, replaced the doohickey, had the head refurbished, performed the MC mod, and replaced all the external bolts with stainless allen bolts.

The new giant piston! 700cc beast!

The pile of tools has gotten much smaller….must be getting close to being done!

Here are a couple shots of the engine after paint. I still have a couple final details to do but its basically ready for install now!

And last but certainly not least……I GOT A NEW BIKE! 2016 KTM 1290 Super Adventure T. Sadly the Versys will have to go…..we did alot of amazing miles together but it was becoming very obvious that it was not the right bike for me……I wanted more comfort and power…..the Versys is too sporty. Not to say the new bike isnt sporty (160 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at).

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