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The right tool for the job

Just a quick update…..

I dropped the frame off at the powder coaters today. I left it in the care of Armor Coatings. They seem to have a really good reputation so hopefully they will treat us good and make the KLR shiny.

Then on my way back from Armor Coatings I stopped to get some lunch but I was just a few minutes early and they weren’t open yet. I had about ten minutes to kill so I went to the Office Depot next door. 15 minutes later I left with a new laptop. Its funny how things happen sometimes…..I just wanted to waste a few minutes and go get some lunch but instead I ended up buying a new computer. I have been wanting to get a little 2-in-1 laptop to take with me on trips. Up to this point I have been doing all of this blogging and picture managing with my old beat up ipad 3…..its not exactly the ideal tool for the job. This thing is so much nicer to type on and there is no way I will ever do this again without a mouse. I doubt anyone cares but its a Lenovo MIIX 320…..its a 10 inch tablet that attaches to a keyboard and basically makes a tiny little laptop…….its certainly never going to play games or do any photo editing but its great for what I need and it was only $170!

So not really that exciting of an update but I’m pretty excited!

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