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The winter time blues

Living in a place that gets snow 5 months of the year is not ideal for someone that loves motorcycles and despises snowmobiles. It gets really hard to enjoy life when you are mad at the weather….especially if your job is centered around winter weather like mine…..I couldn’t care less about winter anymore except for the fact that its the only reason my job exists. I try my best to pass the time by working on bikes and planning trips for the coming summer. My new garage has been a great distraction this winter. Between working on bikes and doing finishing work on the garage I have almost forgotten to get mad at the snow…..almost.

I built a work bench
Ive been working on bikes
Ive pretended to work on bikes while actually just sitting in a chair next to a bike on the lift
I started building some stairs…that was not fun
its gotten very messy and crowded with the construction

It doesn’t matter how busy you try to be or what kind of distractions you come up with because there is no denying it… cant ride your motorcycle and you’re mad about it. The best solution I have found to this problem is to plan new trips…….and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Yeah that’s right…..I’m going back to Alaska this summer! This time I am going all the way to the top to Dead Horse to stick my feet in the Arctic Ocean and then all the way to the bottom to Homer….then home. There are some other adventures planned too but I wont give it all away now. This is going to be just over 8000 miles with 1000 miles of dirt so I’m going to need to get my tires changed at some point along the way. At this point it looks like I’m going solo this time but I’m not too concerned…..I have the trip centered around the summer solstice which is a big draw for people up there so I should be able to find help if I need it. I’m really excited about planning around the solstice because I plan to be above the Arctic Circle for the solstice….the sun will not go below the horizon at all that far north. I promise to bring back lots of pictures and I will be posting a daily log just like all my other trips. I will also have my satellite communicator with me which will be tracking my progress and post it to a map I will share. The map will allow you to send me messages of encouragement, which I’m sure I’ll need at some point.

While not a perfect cure for the winter time blues, planning your next trip can be a pretty good distraction.

Only problem now is that I cant wait for June

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