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Things Are Happening!


Last weekend we took a family roadtrip to the Grand Canyon. We had a blast! We went to the north rim and stayed at Jacob Lake campground. This was our first camping trip as a family and it was great…..I’ve been getting antsy to get the kids out on a camping trip but Evie was too little the last couple years and James was too little before that. I dont have much of a story to tell about the trip so I’ll just put up some pictures.

Yes Evie is on a leash….Don’t you judge me. You try having a 2 year old freely walk around the Grand Canyon and not having a heart attack.

Here is a bonus video from the trip that my phone made all by itself…..

This past week I was able to spend some time on the KLR project. I got the engine split apart so I could fix the stripped drainplug. The drainplug hole has to be filled with a weld and then drilled back out and tapped to accept the drainplug again. I havent gotten the case half to a welder yet….hopefully next week.


Then right after I finished with the engine I went to move some metal around the shop. The first piece I picked up caused another piece to shift and crush my left index finger. It gave me nice deep cut and a fracture so I got to go get stitches and a tetanus shot….hooray!

And now the last “thing”……about 4 hours ago my cousin texted me with a crazy idea…..he is on the return leg of a motorcycle trip right now and he will be in Dubois Wyoming tomorrow and then exploring Yellowstone on Sunday and wanted me to join. So naturally I ran to the garage, strapped on the luggage, and packed some clothes. Im gonna leave real early tomorrow. I’ve never been to Yellowstone so I’m pretty excited. Normally I try to plan my trips in advance but this time I’m trying spontaneous…..we’ll see how it goes.

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