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What the fork?!

This morning was a learning experience.

I got my fork springs on Wednesday and so I got to finish up the forks this morning.
I have done plenty of fork rebuilds for customers over the years and its always pretty straight forward….they bring me the springs and fluid they want and I just follow basic procedures…..doing it for yourself is a much different story. picking the right springs and fluid is complicated! I thought I had it all figured out and then I got sucked down the rabbit hole that is google. Everyone has an opinion on this topic for the KLR and it took a very long time to figure out which opinions were best for me.
 There are so many freaking variables!!!! rider weight, gear weight, fuel tank capacity and shape, riding style, oil viscosity, spring weight, preload spacer length, oil height, air pressure, air type…..I wont bore you with the details….just know that its complicated and if you can just have someone else recommend the right settings your life will be so much easier.
I chose 15 weight oil for the forks and 2.85 inch preload spacers and set the oil level to 190mm from the top.
It was impossible to get pictures of the oil filling process but I managed to take one of the tool without getting my phone covered in oil.
I should have the parts to do the rear shock next week and the frame should be done next friday!!!

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