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Woke up at 6 with the plan to hit the road by 7… naturally we were on the road at 8.

We rode straight to the entrance of the parks this morning hoping to see as much as possible before a storm came through. To get to Yellowstone you have to go through Grand Teton National Park so we got to see two parks for the price of one! I the day was filled with a whole lot of stops and short walks to see things so Ill just put up some of my favorite pictures for you viewing pleasure.

Met another artist today. He is from Minnesota and is travelling and painting…..#retiredlife

We got a chance to see old faithful but it was pure luck. Right as we were pulling into the parking lot and we were as close as possible for vehicles to be it erupted so we got to see it from the bikes but we didn’t have a chance to get cameras out….figures. Its about an hour and a half between eruptions so we moved on.

Here is a short video of the days shenanigans that my phone made….all by itself…..I didn’t know it could do that.


Once we had our fill of the sights we headed towards the west entrance and Montana. Right as we exited the park it started to rain….hard. I had originally planned to ride all the way home today but was already pretty sure I’d stay in Idaho somewhere for the night since we had spent so much time looking at pretty dirt…..but the rain helped me finish the decision. So we stopped in Pocatello and got a room. By the time I had showered and got my luggage ready to go back on the next morning It was 11pm. So I went to bed and woke up at 4am so I could ride the rest of the way home and go to work…..on Memorial Day…..where I now sit, typing this up…..which is the definition of America…or something.


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